Take the challenge!

Sailing on board Kaliakra is not a usual cruise. The spirit of adventure, partnership, team building, co-operation and maintenance can be felt all the time. Meeting people all over the world, touching different cultures and lifestyles, visiting famous places make us feel the spirit of the world ancient seafarers.

Work under the leadership of experienced and devoted crew helps the young volunteers check themselves, touch the life at sea in a real friendly atmosphere, feel the excitement of new challenges, set up new friendships, most of which live long.

Being part of the crew life, you will have an opportunity to participate in races with other sail ships, develop personal skills and learn particular seamanship at the same time.

During the sailing you will learn to set sails, knot ropes, join the watch and lookout, feel the excitement of standing a helm, participate in all kind of competitions, feel the wind, ocean and the immense power of the sails with your heart and to keep the memory of this incredible experience through all your life.

Уважаеми приятели на "Калиакра", запознайте се с националната кампания за плаването на кораба през 2012 тук